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WebWorldWind Globe

Use your mouse to drag the globe's position. Use the right mouse-button to change the view perspective. Scroll using the mouse wheel, or by clicking on the controls in the bottom left.

Side Panel

Search box - Enter a location of where you would like to navigate to. Upon pressing enter or clicking on the search button, you will be taken to that location on the globe.

Layers - Wildfire AWARE has the ability to show fire predictions and wind predictions on the globe. Select which layer you wish to view using the buttons.

Filters - Don't want to see predictions under 50%? Use the filter tool. Select the filters which suit you best!

Areas in Danger - This is the top n predictions the Wildfire AWARE AI engine has come up with for the week ahead. Hit the go-to button to be taken to the location immediately. Go to the Prediction Center to look in-depth at the predictions.

Day select tool - At the top of the page there is a slider where you can select which day you wish to view predictions for. AWARE predicts up to 5 days in advance, so check them out!


Settings - Use the settings dialog to customise how you view the WebWorldWind globe, the visualisation of the data, and set updated alerts and notifications from the app straight to your inbox!

Information panel - Here you can see information about each individual data point (accessed when you hover over a data point), view the tutorial, and read about us.

Social media - Open our Twitter and Facebook within the app to get the latest news on Wildfire AWARE. Give us a follow/like whilst you're at it!


Wildfire AWARE provides the tools to prevent wildfires before they happen.

Our tool empowers fire services and individuals around the world by providing valuable information that can be incorporated into fire mitigation and minimization schemes.

We utilise the power of advanced machine learning techniques alongside detailed hyper-local satellite weather data from around the world. The predictions we make are updated regularly and displayed on our highly intuitive web app, powered by the WebWorldWind technology.

We are competing in World Challenge Finland 2018, a competition that brings together teams of people from all around the world, with the aim of creating technological solutions to the biggest issues facing the world today.

Check out the challenge at: www.worldchallenge.live

The Wildfire AWARE app utilises the sophisticated ESA/NASA WebWorldWind technology to generate the visualisation of our home planet.

Latitude Longitude Date State/Province Country Average Likelihood

This page shows the number of wildfire predictions per category for the given location. The four categories are defined by the likelihood of a wildfire occuring, from 0-30% (very low) to 75-100% (very high).





Set the trend graph of a location by selecting the graph button next to the location you wish to view in the Predictions tab.

Filter the Prediction Table

If this is selected, we create an individual record for each date for each location.

Use these settings to choose what predictions you wish to see in the table.

Export the Prediction Table

Choose which file format you wish to export to and then click the export button to begin the download!